From Beginning

More than twenty years ago, a Taiwanese girl came to Osaka to study by herself.

Before graduating from college, she met and fell in love with her husband, so she decided to settle in Osaka, Japan’s second largest city, known for its gourmet cuisine.
In recent years, many friends from abroad have come to stay at her home when they come to visit her in Osaka, and she thought it would be nice if she could provide them a space like home to rest and relax someday.

This wish became a reality, and her opened her first guesthouse, Sayuri “Honkan”, next to her home in Tengachaya area.

Tengachaya Guesthouse

Tengachaya Guesthouse



Abeno Guesthouse

阿倍野公寓式民宿屬於裝潢較為現代化的風格,位於大阪市人氣三大商業區 – å¤©çŽ‹å¯ºè³¼ç‰©å•†åœˆã€‚